Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tis almost the season...

I found myself , because of the heat...the humidity...then the relief of the rain... sifting through all the bulb catalogs that have been arriving. I know it's a bit early yet to be thinking of autumn planting, since I don't start planting till the end of October. But, I have and I've even ordered them.
This year I'm over my Tulip mania. I've only ordered ' Duc Van Tol Rose ' " Short.sweet, and extra early" at only 5" -7" , from the early 1600-1900. before the taller T's became the favored ones.
Last year I found so much bare space under deciduous trees and shrubs . Ideal Crocus territory, so fifty C. sieberi tricolor and C.biflorus Spring beauty.
Then I remembered the Muscari Golden Fragrance that I admired at 'Joy Creek Nurscery', ten of those to try out in my yellow/ Chartreuse spring planting.
Strangly when I ordered Allium Azureum , a true blue Allium . I was told by the sales attentant that they can no longer send  Alliums to WA. I've been ordering Alliums for years ! Anyway they have ways, I will have my Azureums.


  1. Hahaha...I'm glad I'm not the only one...I was perusing the Bulb sites this morning, already starting to choose which Alliums to plant in a few months!

  2. Scott, I'm looking forward to bulb planting...if I can find space to do it !

  3. Which vendor has the Muscari? I got a good sniff of that this spring when I was at Joy Creek, it's wonderful!

    1. Alison, I I ordered them from John Scheepers. I get most of my bulbs from them .

  4. That's so bizarre that they can't ship alliums to Washington. Is to Walla Walla's fault? You can always ship to my house. :)