Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wind fall mini wreaths...

Those scattered fir tree branches from  that wind storm the other day , make nice little wreaths . 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December in the garden...

Even bundled up in my warmest  , I couldn't face going out much this month…too  frosty,  too cold ,  too grey , too wet . But today dry and mild with a few faint patches of blue. I went out for a wander and a little tidy up. Mostly I leave it till February or March . But then my compost heap gets over whelmed , so I'm trying too spread the clearing up a bit.. I've just been taking away the really ugly  and the stuff covering the plants that hate the wet mush.                                The lovely grasses are usually the last to go ,  just as well it's become quite a job.

This  little trio still looks fresh : Hebe 'goldesk', Pennisetum spatheolatum and  Carex oshimenis.

The worms seem to have already been at work, much that collapsed  has already disappeared. 

Rhododendron evered spent all summer smothered by all my annual vines …yes that Grandpa Ott  again  . Now is your time in the spotlight.

It will be interesting to tackle all this in February, where to start . 

My scrawny NOID conifer , bought several years ago at the Cistus 'Tough-love -sale. Has grown very handsome . I wonder how big it will get ? As big as the Deodora behind ?

My favorite winter ingredient and this one a very nice looking one , Willow leaf bay.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Indoor fun...

Between the rain showers this week, I got out and  snipped  a few twisty branches  from the Robinia .