Thursday, March 15, 2018

Garden Blogger's bloom Day for March

I must always start my March GBBD with the  Santa  Rosa plum . It takes up the width of the back garden , which I'm grateful for come summer !

I think this is the only plant ( outdoor) I've bought so far this year...unheard of , I know !   And I've lost the tag .  Primula  something or other, from Joy Creek Nursery .

Primula vulgaris

Another Primula Vulgaris , another lost tag .

Wind flowers are throwing themselves about the garden .

I took photos of the next four single Narrcissi that I found in different places around the garden. Hoping that they would all be different . But  no ...they  look all the same . Someone has been moving bulbs ...

Just to annoy me...

I'll have to dig them all up to make one clump .

I think it looks pathetic ...odd single bulbs everywhere.

At least this one is different.

This must be a mini bought for indoors , then planted out .

Same with this Hyacinth.

Muscari ...just everywhere .

Cerinthe Major ...everwhere  .

Japanese flowering Quince
The Brunnera starting to bloom

Kerria Japanica has been blooming all winter.

I'm not a great fan of Pieris , But I love wavy leaves ! So here is Pieris Japaonica 'Crispa ' 

I seem to be getting more and more careless with plant tags ! Euphorbia NOID planted last year.

And lastly ... is that a bloom on my Cosmos seedling ?
Need more Spring blooms visit our host Carol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Neofintia Falcata 's repotting

The Nefinetia  with it's  new Kokedama Sphagnum moss wrap .

Monday, March 12, 2018

Plum blossoms and a first day out for the mini Orchids

A beautiful warm two days ! The Plum tree is blooming , and I've been carting the Orchids out for a  bit of  fresh  air  . It was warmer out than in . I think they enjoy the breezey air around them . 

Here they all are in the  nice dappled sun light. 

I give them a little spray every now and again. 

Oestedella Centradonia  I attached to a chunk of drift wood I found in the garden  . It's got a little bit Sphagnum moss around the roots and the moss from the garden still on the wood .  Not sure  it's convinced it's back in Costa Rica.  

Mickey not impressed by my efforts. 

Nor is  Rosie.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bringing Spring on... indoors

It's way too wet and cold to do much out doors this week, such a wimp I am !  But, I did find this tiny blooming  Primula 'Guinevere'  to bring in for a bit of spring .

And my seedling are coming on . I couldn't be accused of over crowding . I only planted a very few seeds .  I've got  three Cosmos 'Runenza'  going . Cosmos bloom so late in the summer here, that I  can make a few more sowings later on.

One sturdy looking Echinacea paradox 'yellow cone flower' . I think I'll be sowing more of these  .

A little group of Helenium hoopesii needing to be potted up.

Scabiosa atropurpurea  

A very cute Geranium pretense 'Splish splash' which I started late last summer. It died back in the winter , but  came back  when I put under my new light set up.

My new 2 ft  florescent tube lights , which is why I'm only sowing a few things at a time. It seems to be doing the trick, except that one of the tubes needs lots of jiggling about every morning to get it  on.
My other set is LED ,(yes there is another shelf above this one)  which requirers no jiggling about , so I think this annoying florescent light will be replaced shortly.