Monday, April 22, 2019


I was thinking how well and how many Primulas I have this year . They are probably my favorite  flower.  This P. sunset shade is one of the oldest in the garden .

Prumula 'Gold Laced '  one of my favorite . Once it's finished blooming I'll dig it up and divide it. 

Primula veris 'gilded spice ...'  hiding . This is listed as a  Barnhaven primrose . barnhaven primroses  started  breeding  primulas in  Oregon in the 1930's . They are now based in France !

Couldn't ID this one 

Primula kisuana 'alba'  I bought this last year from the Rock Garden Society . I like the fuzzy  Gerainum  like leaves. 

Primula x vulgaris 'Guinevere'

Primula 'Wanda'

Primula x pruhuniciana 'springtime' growing in my Bonsai dish .
Looking through my plant tags , I see I'm missing :
Primula 'white echo'
Primula x pubescens lavender'
Primula aurucula 'Fred booley'
Primula auricle 'blue velvet'
Primula x vulgaris 'hole in the hole yellow'
Primula vulgaris 'Francesca'

I'm going to have to have another look around.

Monday, April 8, 2019

MIllium effuse Aureum

Not to be confused with Bowles golden sedge , this is Bowles Golden grass or Golden  Millet Grass.
I planted these from seed a few  years ago . They come from one of my favorite seed companies :


from Ireland . It has taken a few years for them to bulk up , but they are  wonderful just now.
I believe they are short lived , but they are good self seeders , maybe too good . Pulled out easily enough and plenty to give away or relocated .
They are a woodland grass from Europe , but I found they survived my dry sunny  garden without being scorched  to badly. I've planted them in the shadiest spots I could find.  

and here with another great self seeder Rumex sanguineus.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lunaria 'Rosemary Verey"

When I planted L. 'Rosemary Veery' a few years ago I was expecting it to behave like  L Annua .   Self seeding by the dozens. But no , I always end up with just the one . Which I don't mind because I have plenty of L Annua to keep me happy. 

But then I notice this little one...could be the end of the well behaved Rosemary Verey .

The not so well behaved Aunna .