Monday, April 8, 2019

MIllium effuse Aureum

Not to be confused with Bowles golden sedge , this is Bowles Golden grass or Golden  Millet Grass.
I planted these from seed a few  years ago . They come from one of my favorite seed companies :


from Ireland . It has taken a few years for them to bulk up , but they are  wonderful just now.
I believe they are short lived , but they are good self seeders , maybe too good . Pulled out easily enough and plenty to give away or relocated .
They are a woodland grass from Europe , but I found they survived my dry sunny  garden without being scorched  to badly. I've planted them in the shadiest spots I could find.  

and here with another great self seeder Rumex sanguineus.


  1. I have what seems to be this same grass, and it self-seeds perfectly. I love the bright hit of gold in the garden this time of year!

    1. Jane, Could be the same or maybe Bowles Golden Sedge Carex elata 'Aurea.

  2. Oh, I know that Rumex alright... I have itty bitty seedlings of it all over the place. Still love it, though. I have Carex 'Everillo' that also provides that bright visual punch. Good you are for growing things from seed. I'm a much lazier gardener!

  3. I love the Rumex too, it does get everywhere ,but it's small and fills the gaps between the other plants.


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