Thursday, March 24, 2016

The self -seeding garden...

If it weren't for all my self-seeders , I'd still be waiting for all this to fill in. But , filling  in,  it is , not bad for March .

Cerinthe major is the winner for the most prolific.  Look at it taking up the whole length of the right side. It would have had the whole lot , but I went round and pulled everything except along the fence and driveway.
In close second would be Lychnis , which I didn't even plant. it's taken over the front corner , were the old Walnut tree was cut down , I couldn't get any thing to grow there till the Lychnis came in. 

The Foxgloves, Achillea  and Honesty  and taking any available space.                                                                                     I 've  been careful not to stomp around in here too much. So many perennials are just now emerging .                              Of course I know who will be the winner , as always ….the 'For-get-me-not' …which I nearly forgot about , they are quietly moving in . 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Panache, Lattarula, Petite Negri, Condaria, Mary Lane …my new family of figs I adopted from a neighbor at the end of last summer.  That and my two other potted figs: Brown turkey and Crusader should keep us well supplied with figgie delights.

I've been keeping a look out for bud growth.  All but one , the first one I repotted ,  are looking good.  I think I was a bit aggressive with the root pruning on my first one.

Now if we could just have a nice long hot summer.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

End of the quilt season...

I think that's it for my quilt making for this year. Once the mild weather returns  I clear up all my bits of fabric and thread   till next year. Unless the weather turns nasty. But, I think I've had enough.
This last one is destined for the UK ,  a birthday present  for Philip's brother.
Another one sent to the UK , a  birthday present for my mother-in-law 
And this one for baby Ethan. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gardener's bloom Day for March ...

 The rain rain was light enough that I made it out, finally to take a look at what was  blooming  or almost blooming today.
My favorite is the Santa Rosa plum tree , it's branches almost the width of the back garden. I think another good plum year !

Kerria japanica is now a good sized shrub .

Amemone blanda is starting to spread around nicely .

Potted Saxifraga 

I've no idea? I only bought this ground cover last year , can not remember what it is !

The first Mascari ' Valerie Finnis' to show up 

A nice fat clump of Pulmonaria 'Diane Clare'

I'm always surprised when the Mukdenia arrives . Soon the Syneilesis , just now appearing in the background , will take over this patch.

I'm very pleased to see many clumps of Tulip Sylvestris , not blooming yet . but soon. These are new bulbs for me , I'm hoping they are good naturalizers . They are a little taller then some of the other species Tulips I've planted .

Mascari 'golden fragrance 

The first blooms of Pulsatilla vulgans .

The Celandine poppy's are nearly blooming .

And lastly, the Euphorbias  are making a comeback , I had a massive cull a few years ago . I missed them , so I've been leaving a few to grow back.
Happy bloom day ! There are many more blooms , so visit Carol.