Friday, September 15, 2017

September Blooms....

I was going to run around and snap pictures of my blooms . Then I realized it would be mostly Asters  ! Sorry Asters  I do appreciate you.
So, instead I have two new blooms from my resent trip to Cistus nursery ! They are still in pots , which is highly unusual , I like to get things in the ground straight away  !
Monardella macrrantha 'Marion Sampson' , I'm not sure where Marion would be happy yet ! She likes VERY  good drainage
But likes a little drink in summer. Zone 7 , so no problem . 

Salvia pachyphylla also still in it's pot , I'm really slacking ....
Happy Gardeners Blooms day !
Thank you Carole  at May Dreams Gardens.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September in the garden...

September is always a much better gardening month in my dry garden. For one thing I can rest the sprinklers and  watering cans a bit. Though it's been awful windy and with only one day of rain in  (my neighbor  says sixty days ) seems like longer.  

I was just about to dead head some of the Fennel  seed heads , then I noticed it was full of tiny birds .

The best plant in the world ! Helene Von Stein has had not a drop of water.

I'm not sure Rosie's that impressed with my efforts . I think she would  prefer a lawn .

 A  big green  lawn would be much nicer !

These are my happy Panicum grasses . On the South/West  side  Miserable dry Panicum will shortly be joining  them.

Rodgersia has had enough of this heat , wind , SMOKE , no rain summer ! I  yanked most of the crispy leaves out , I think the rest will  go tomorrow .  

The tan and white cat taking it's leave . No joy on the hunt today !

September also allows me to plant up this nice big bare patch .