Monday, August 26, 2019

August in the garden

Normally it's July that I get fed up with how dry and crispy everything gets . I start hacking every thing down, hoping that  they have enough time to come back before the frost kills them off again.

This year I decided after fourteen years of adding , adding  and adding plants to fill every available inch of the garden . It was time to smooth out a few areas.

I started here around the Eucalyptus tree . I've left a few things in for now ! I'll have another cull  after the summer.

Found a few things hiding !

I was encouraged  by that  !  So  I went on to remove most of my planting from under the Plum tree. It only ever looks nice in early spring. Then it's just dry and sad which is when I want to cut every thing back.
I dug up most of the shade plants and potted them up .  It was always to dry under the Plum and they get blasted with late sun . 

I've dumped lots of  pea gravel down .

Much happier and no watering !