Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Short back & sides...

The wire vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa ) planted around the pond. Badly needed a serious trim up. The black muck on the side that Mickey is standing over... Yucky slime pulled out from the water lily.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Between the rain and the hail and sun and rain and sun , I finding it exhilerating, frustarating and   exhausting . Running in and out of doors , trying to toss balls for the dogs and pull out weeds and dig up clumps and find new places for them without planting over the top of some thing not surfaced yet , which I've very nearly done already.

 During the sunny minutes of the day a few almost blooms , Grevillea juniperina 'molonglio'
Stylophorum dipphyllum the 'celadine poppy'

Erythronium pagoda

Acasia pravissima with plumped up blooms

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Odds & sods....

Slowly it goes , weather and energy permiting, we have been digging chunks out, bashing out all the soil , mostly sand                      , on and on it goes.              
Someone that missed out on Bloom day...Kerria Japonica

I  believe Fritillaria persica is on it's way to blooming!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Foliage follow up , March 2013

My first Foliage follow up , I've wanted to do the every month , finally I got myself out on this " dreich" day.
 Ozothamnus' Sussex silver' a very new and unplanted silvery shrub will shortly be planted in my sunny/dry front  border

Pyrrosia Sheareri 

Pyrrosia lingua 'variegata'

Euphorbia'Copton ash' another new Euphorbia this one only a few inchs tall

Beesia Deltophyilla with many almost blooms .

Prostantera cuneata - Australian mint bush

An un-known Pittosprum, I got this last year at the Cistus tough love sale...no tag

Myosotidium hortensia  one of my pride and joy seedlings that I sowed at the end of the summer, bringing  the seed tray in and out of doors when it got too hot, this one is from the Chatham Islands . Where it is cold, wet and windy all year, but, not freezing, so far it's looking good ...slug pellets sprinkled liberally, apparently it's caviar to the slug!
For more Foliage Follow-up visit Pam at Digging 

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Bloom day 2013...

A lovely March bloom day it is . This is my favorite time of year ,when the Euphobias , which I have many of, are just know beginning to unfurl , then it's ...look out , those huge  Chartreuse flower bract of 'Wolfiniii' this one is a new tiny one call I think ' Tiny tim'. I planted it in my Whiskey barrel , with I realise too much: I've got sedum. Chard , hebe, Phorium, Pennisetum'burgundy bunny' ,Lobelia cardinalis, tulips, a hyacinth and even corn flower starts...I did leave out the kitchen sink.

Anemone Blanda white spendour

Pulmonaria 'Little star"

Clumps of Mascari ...everywhere

A first Camilla to bloom this year 

E. Blackbird 

Hacqueta epipactis, still a very tiny clump , so easily forgotten, luckily it emerges early or it would be in grave danger of having something planted  over the top of it.                                                                                                                                           Happy bloom day and visit Carol, at May Dreams Gardens,for more beautiful spring blooms

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring vignettes...

 A few spring vignettes...While mostly the garden is just starting to wake up, you can just see the Irises behind the Carex 'frosted curls'. I've been busy digging up grasses, trying not to tread on anything, splitting them up and filling up the all too many gaps.

Fritillaria Persica after disppointing last spring , looking more hopeful . And Anemone Blanda White Splender, I've been looking forward to this pairing

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I would have a relaxing restful summer, with just a bit of plant shifting about... I've got myself started on another big project. After spending two years of   what seemed like never ending Vinca Major removal. This weekend I decided to reshape/ remove , quite a lot of the only lawn I have left. I know , this could lead to the whole lot  going .  I'm using a sort of apple coring system ,just working my way round and round skimming thin strips out... and already it's looking so much better , less like all the planting is jammed tight against the fence...more spacious I think.

If that wasn't enough  then I decided to rework another long neglected patch, no grass this time .

My reward for all this ... found a  tiny patch of crocus tucked under the Veburnum.