Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's Autumn ...

I 've been meaning to do Autumn  post , but I've had, not a... terrible cold, but a lingering…not a lot of energy  …first cold of the season. So, I 've been just lazily enjoying these last days of September.   

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September gardener's bloom day

It's Asters , Asters and more Aster's this month !

Saturday, September 3, 2016

September in the garden ...

The garden has been looking Autumnal for weeks. I 've been watering and dead heading and cutting back and adding new plants … trying to keep things looking fresh .

A week of good rain fall  and cooler temperatures. The garden has perked up ! I am  finally  going to dig out the gigantic Oregano clump hanging over the driveway on the left. It is smothering everything . 

The TALL back border has held up with very little water . This is probably the hardest driest soil in the garden , they seem to love it.

One of my most difficult areas to fill in , under the Santa Rosa Plum tree. It's shady most of the day . Then it gets a blast of late sun.  I've dug up and moved so many unhappy plants this summer . I've now filled it with : Euphorbia 'Blackbird', Aster 'prince', Panicum' Shenandoah' ,  as many  purple  Geraniums  as I can find and anything of the purpley dark foliaged sort. I might throw in a Eucomis' sparkling burgundy if I can find one.  

The former front lawn has been another tricky area. I'm still trying out plants .  When it was just a big area of grass , I never noticed how the wind blasted through.  I've got three Hemmamelis planted in here , hopefully a bit of a wind break! And low plants in the most exposed area .

The former Vinca major corner. Has been coming along nicely. I've been tugging out hand fulls of sedum ground cover as other plants fill in. There is still a LOT of sedum , which turns a frothy pink when in bloom.

The shade or not that shady area got awfully crispy this year, I've had to move a few things. This calls for a major replant . I blame my neighbors ... hacking down the tree that used to shade this area better.
So now to get on with it !