Saturday, October 29, 2016

A little autumn in doors...

 The  Bonsai  in full autumnal glory !  Indoors for the day.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Physalis peruviana

Physalis peruviana or Cape gooseberry in my sunroom. Still blooming away ! It's been out doors all  summer.  I did get a few fruit to pick and eat. I don't think these will come to anything though. 

A few small fruit forming, they need plenty of heat and water .

I adopted these two plants from my neighbor last year , they were quite small .  I really don't know how big they get , or if I need to cut them back ? 
Here is the other one . I can see many little blooms ! I'll have to wait and see how they get along in the  winter . I don't usually heat the room unless it get really freezing cold. But I might  have to treat them to a blast of the heater if they keep pushing out the blooms .

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Few October blooms …

Mickey and  I made our way round the garden ,  before our PNW stormy week arrived .   Nicotiana  Slyvestris is aways the last late summer bloomer.

Another late bloomer 'Plectranthus kameba' is much happier this time of year. I have to  given this one plenty of water  to keep it from wilting in the heat . 

Persicaria 'blackfield'  the earliest and best Persicaria bloomer , for me anyway !

Aster 'Monte casino white'  the last aster to bloom.

When I started  this garden it was Cosmos, Cosmos every where. Then they seemed  to disappear….welcome back !

Mahonia 'soft caress 

I've been enjoying this combination of Carex 'blue zinger' and Cyclamen for weeks.   Some how  it survives despite  it being a favorite spot for the dogs to snooze on top of all summer. 

A climbing Petunia I grew from seed this year. 

And finally an early  spring time visiter . This Primula likes  to give me a surprise  visit  this time of year !
Happy Bloom day ! Thank you Carol and  more blooms here

Monday, October 3, 2016

October in the garden...

I can't complain about bare patches this year , at least not in the back garden. All the plants that have been suffering all   through  the late summer  with the drying wind and little water . Are enjoying the cooler temperatures  and rain fall .

This is when I would normally start moving plants around. But I think I'll wait till spring .

The front garden is looking far more autumnal . It's the Hamamelis ,which has been changing color all summer, depending how stressed  they get with the wind and the heat. Last year  they  had a sudden leaf drop really early , so I've been giving them an extra spritz of water.
The Guara's have grown and grown. Why I  thought five, planted at the front was a good idea .They were  were only tiny two years ago. Next spring I'll move them further back. They do look nice with the Erigerons though...