Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More October blooms

Emilia javanica 

More late blooms ,  before they are all finished , this time the front garden . 

Penstemon 'Enor'

Iris 'waxen beauty'
  I've been helping out at  ' Aikens Iris garden in Vancouver all summer. At this time of year they have a cull of the Iris that are to be dropped from the catalog . Terry the owner was sad about loosing one of his own hybrids  'Waxen beauty ' , so one of them came home with me ! It's a re-bloomer  . I think It's growing on me .

Cosmos Lemonade

Cosmos Rubenza

Salvis Gregii


Rosa Radway sunrise

Rosemary arp

Choisya and friend

Cosmos summer dreams

Rosa Surrey

Nicotiana langdorfii

 Red Salvia 

And this one !

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

So many blooms

I've missed so many months of bloom day posts that I thought I'd  have a look to see what  blooms  are still out this month . Some of them are a bit raggedy , with all the rain recently .                                                                                                     Rabdosia longituba  often never gets a chance to bloom , it's so late that the frost gets it , or the dry weather makes it too miserable . 

Fuchsia 'whitenights amethyst'

Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield pink' from Alison 



achillea 'paprika'

Centaurea americana

Japanese Anenama 

Campanula of some sort 

Nicotiana sylvestris 

Salvia gregii or christine
I grew these from seed this year . Christine is more hardy , but Gregg has a better color .  Which reminds me to collect seeds from both again !

I 'm not sure which  ...Moerhelm beauty, mariachi 'Fuego' ,or Sahin's early .

Salvia black and blue

Aster leaves 'kurt'

Calendula of some sort.

Zinnia giant purple

Zinnia ...I  have no idea which one 

Grevillea victorae

Mahonia 'soft caress'

Cyclamen coum

Persicaria  'blackfield

Persicaria virginiana 

  • Viburnum  atrocyaneum f. harryanum

Rosa 'Sally holmes' looking very pink .
That's all the blooms in the back and side garden .  Hope I haven't forgotten any ! I'll have a look out front tomorrow .

Monday, October 14, 2019

More October in the garden

The nicer parts of the garden , without the neighbors blue house .