Monday, August 28, 2017

Late summer seed sowing...

On one of the too hot to be outdoors that we have had recently. I stayed in and scanned all my favorite seed sites for late summer /Autumn seeds to sow.  I ordered quite a few .                                                                                            Antirrhinum majus'Tetra mixed' was simple , just sow on damp compost , but in a polytene bag  and set in 68 to 86f temps. It's been too hot out side some of the time so I kept them indoors .
I now have a pot of Snapdragons !
Erysimum cheir "blood red' was next ,  it likes even cooler temps , so indoors they stayed . These came up in only a few days !
Eryngium varlifolium 'Miss marble' needed the chill , so it's been in the fridge for 3 weeks .
Alstroemeria ligtu needed the chill as well, it's had it's fridge time, now it needs 70f , so too hot out doors this week ,  on to the windowsill for you. too.  Looks like it could take a month to germinate. I've heard they do not like to be disturbed Echinacea paradoxa 'Yellow coneflower' went directly on moist soil , but they may need to that chill if they refuse to come out soon ...or I could just wait till it get cold out .

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August in the garden...

You can just make out the sprinkler in the photo . I had hoped I wouldn't need to water much this summer. We had plenty of rain this winter . I didn't plant many new things this spring . But, when the rain stopped and the temperature kept raising  and raising for god nows how long now . I find myself sprinkling , or carrying watering cans all day , everyday . 

I got fed up with this area under the plum tree . So, the other day I dug out all the E. 'Miss Wilmots' . I enjoy her in the sunny open areas of the garden. But here she takes over , and then turns silver, which is nice . It's when she too early goes autumnal. I'm not ready !
So, I'm looking for new plants....

'Miss Wilmot' can stay here. She fits in , it's all golden .

The shade garden did pretty well though the heat. I do turn the sprinkler on every day for a short time though. I 've been cutting things back and pulling spent bloomers out .  

My big dry sunny area I cleared of lawn two years ago , has filled in nicely . I've had to dig up and save a few suffering plants . 'Miss Wilmot' you are welcome here as well.

My corner with all the recovering ... I hope. Plants that I've saved from heat exhaustion.