Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In the ground...

We'll see what 100 Crocus chrysanthus cream beauty and 100 tulip saxatilis look like in the spring. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last year Leucosceptrum stellipilum 'October moon' didn't get a chance to bloom , knocked back by the frost . This year it's  pushing those blooms out. This one finding a nice gap through a chewed hole in a Tetrapanax  leaf.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

a surprise in the garden

While tidying up, look what turned up . A self seeded Acacia pravissima !

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October in the garden...

October has seen a flurry of activity.  In the back garden I've been digging ,  dividing and moving  just about everything; Asters , Helenium , Rudbeckia...

Rosie inspecting a hole I've made digging up Asters.

The rusty fence will be moved forward , so the side shade garden will open out to the back.   The old Lllac  which was between the shed and the Rhodydendron has been removed .  It's the bare patch on the right. This will be a small shady seating area . I'm waiting till we move the fence before I start rearranging the planting. The flimsy wire gate will go soon. Philip cut off the top section all along the fence. He's pieced together a GATE ! which is being welded together …I hope !

Moving along from the shed and Rhody along the neighbors fence. I  thought... may as well get rid of the Forsythia ! Then the, other Lllic went ,  And now I have a huge new planting area. I need to dig up all the plants that are crammed together and replant , umm …wasn't planning on this project , but now that I've started ….

While I was at it I  dug up all the Peonies that I never cared for, They've found a new home in my Neighbors  garden.  

As well as the side garden, I've been working on the front. All the grass is gone, gone, gone,…. The huge Maple is gone ,gone gone… I've planted  lovely Katsura , which seems to change color every day.
I've made a start at planting ; All the panicum  " Cheyenne sky' from the back as been moved here. Three Stipa Gigantium will follow in the spring .  Erigium,  Knophofia 'percy's pride' , Eucomis " sparkling burgundy'  and a few few other things that I've found that were  purple, maroon or burgundy. 

It's looking a bit lumpy and bumpy still and needs …a lot more plants .