Friday, April 29, 2016

Alliums or not….

Something I didn't consider when planting bulbs last Autumn . Alliums bloom  June /July time, This years shade garden is so much fuller earlier than last spring…will Allium amplectens 'graceful beauty' make it's way though all of this?

This was about the same time last spring , see what I mean ? I think Tulips next year !

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cerinthe major...

Every day I go out  intending to clear a few away , but no , the bees will have none of it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This years seeds...

This year I'm trying a much simpler seed starting system…no indoor trays . I find I end up with too many spindly plants, that I refuse to toss away.                                                                                                                                                    They end up in every plastic pot I can find, forgotten, dried up and sad. So this year I have made use of all the terra-cotta pots I've got lying around;and there are many.
I've got all annuals , so I can empty and clear them away at the end of the summer.
So far , thanks to the warm tempts they are all looking good. Though I've just noticed the slugs and snails have been feasting on: Zinnia'Red Spider, Maltese cross and 'fairy trumpets.  Selene has not been touched. I'll remember that for next time !

Friday, April 15, 2016

Blooming April ...

This is the combination I was after when I planted these Tulips  in 2012 I remember being disappointed  , the  cynoglossum or Chinese for-get-me-nots didn't bloom at the same time as T. Ballerina and Roccoco I. If only I had settled for the Myosotis , so now I have ….

My Lunaria corner , where  everyone is welcome….

The Cerenthe major have been corralled against the fence 

I love these two Geranium samobor and Euphorbia oblongata

persicara bistorta is getting around quite a bit !

I seem to have many purple Aquilegia this year , maybe the sports of 'Winky blue and white'  
The first of the Geums 

A new plant: Centaurea species , which is a   sweet low growing one .

I had to look this one up : Globularia cordifolia , another low grower.

And finally I've added more to my greedy Primula / Auricula collection and they are all blooming in April.
Happy bloom day ! Thank you Carol at  May Dreams Gardens!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking through the shade garden...

I've been crouched down low looking for all the new growth. This is the biggest Podophyllum  I've ever  had. The original plant is half the height, I don't know why , other then this one gets more sun . Maybe I need to move the rest over here. 

Erthroniums just past it's best , but taking over are the little yellow blooms of Epimedium  lishihchenii 

Soloman seal and Carex 'Bowles gold'

Aruncus and Pyrrosia  and more Beesia

Persicaria ,  Omphalodes , which is just starting to bloom along with the blue bells and primulas . The ghost fern un -furling,  Bessias everywhere and many self-seeded Rumex, and I guess the native Tellima which was here when we moved in and is forever trying to take over. 

A baby Tetrapanex I transplanted last year

A nice fat clump of Syneilesis   with Beesia and many wild strawberries. 
Still some holes , but I see Rogersia and a few Hosta's  coming on fast. Rosie still finds room to do her business.