Monday, March 25, 2019

In a vase on Monday

I watched 'Monty Don' trimming his fruit tree on 'Gardener's world' . I think it was an apple tree , but  it inspired me to do the same to my Santa Rosa plum . So, off with the crowded , overlapping and anything that grew straight up . Not that many , only what I could reach standing on steps. Which is still only the lowest  branches . 

And I brought in a few branches to fill in my new vase. It's the biggest  piece I've made , at least in girth . 

Monday, March 11, 2019

A day in the garden

Or two days rather ! Two days of warmth and sun , a chance to get out and tidy up all dried up mess . No snipping needed , just a gentle yank and the crispy stuff comes away . The grasses will need some more pulling , I usually brush through it with a stiff rake.  The rake is handy for pulling all the dead wooly Stachy up as well.

My drawf mondo lawn is thickening up . 

So much of this about 

These Carex  are moving this year  , they looked a mess all summer.

More messy Carex 

A big clump of Stachys which will get good racking over. It thins it out as well.

The dreaded chopping down of this one ....maybe next warm day.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Vase on Monday ...the live version

I don't think I'll ever get around to cutting things from the garden for indoors. But,  I do like having  foliage and flowers around , especially when I'm stuck indoors for so many winter months.
I found this glass brandy snifter a few years ago just a few  at an estate  sale. It was full of lovely shells, I was happy to give it a new home. The shells are dotted around the house.
I decided to make the classic 70's brandy snifter terrarium ...

Got a few books from the library and I was off . It's been going with out much care , after I discovered that a lid makes all the difference for keeping the moisture in.

I've had a few deaths , too be expected I guess ! The  Cryptanthus is getting too big . I successfully got a miniature African violet to propagate from a leaf . No blooms yet .
I 've got at least ten plants in here. Two Orchids,  a tiny Begonia , a fern , Saxifraga , and  MORE.

This is the tiny Orchid I added , it's very cute ! It's an  Epidendrum  . Picked it up last night from  Fellow blogger  In Search Of Small Things  she also sells online from her blog . I was very lucky to visit and see her wall of  amazing terrariums  with plants and frogs . So much to take in all at once , very exciting ....