Monday, November 28, 2016

Late November in the garden...

 Now that so much in the garden has  either dropped or collapsed in all the rain  this month.  Eucalptus camphora  or the mountain swamp gum is the stand out ! It's grown to quite a good size , considering that it froze to the ground the first year I planted it.

With some rain stoppage  in the day . I got out and lifted all the cement steps. They seem to sink down and disappear .  Probably not very level , but a start. And a bit of a clearing of some of the ugliest mess. The rest I'll leave for the worms. 

Another job …clearing the path .  

It took some aggressive chopping and pulling , but I can walk though without getting slapped in the face with cold wet foliage.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

It finally stopped raining ! So I rushed out to find some November blooms. First stop   ….  Arcostaphlos 'Austin Griffiths' . Normally a January bloomer , perhaps feeling the stress this month ?

Same here with A. 'St Helens' , actually I'm not sure which is which .                                                                                        I've been digging out  a  clump of Japanese Anemone , so there is a a huge ugly hole  just out of view that I'm leaving , so I can keep picking out the many bits of Anemone that carry on growing. 

Mahonia 'charity' with Euphorbia ' oblongata' which has been blooming all summer long.

A new bloom ….Correa alba 'Ivory bells'
My favorite annual ...Emilia javanica

Rhabdosia longituba  survived  having been moved this summer. I'm running out of planting space for late  after noon shade plants .

Not blooms ,  but awfully cute Rosa  Chinensis hips , tiny , tiny hips. There are more blooms, but it looks like  more rain !
Happy Bloom day !

Friday, November 4, 2016

A few things in November

I thought I'd start with a few of the tidy bits of the garden . I've enjoyed my water  bowl all summer . And the big splashy Blue jays have too. Though I'll be moving it soon , so it doesn't crack in a freeze !

I just noticed how luminous  the Echium looks at the moment .  I've given up trying to over winter these. 

Leucosceptrum stellipilum 'october moon' is at it's best right now.

A self seeded Mexican feather grace makes a nice mate for the Fatsia.

Two Clematis seed heads peeking out from the Fatshedera.

Now the messy bits !  The shade garden ….I think I'm just going to leave it till next year. The worms seem to do a good job pulling things down all winter. 

I really do like the tangled chaos this time of year. 

My favorite …. a pot of climbing Pansies .