Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In search of Autumn ...

After a wet and gloomy morning ; I decided I'd better get out and have a look round before it all  goes to mush.
I don't have the most boldly colored Autumn garden, I tend to like GREENS , but I did find some color about .
My Cotinus this year has gone all crispy bronze instead of golden , maybe too mild out.

Now this is more like it, This Cotinus was here when be moved in , I didn't prune it at all this year, Most years I cut it right down . Behind is a new plant : Mugo 'Aurea' . To replace  a mostly dead Buddleia .
Speckles of gold coming from Robinia 'twisty baby'

The Katsura dropped it's leaves early , but we still have the orange frame work for winter.

The Cunninghamia turning a stressed out orange 

Mostly  glaucus green , but with a golden Wistera , hopefully strangling the giant Photina 

The nice clump of Panicum to break up all the green .

Finally Autumn ! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October in Bloom...

Nearly missed another bloom day! Such a beautiful day it was too. I found myself sitting out  with a book , getting the most out of  it before the forecasted rain this weekend. So , not many bloom photos .
I have been enjoying the Miscanthus blooms dangling over the pond .

And after complaining about Verbena  bonariensis not self seeding last year , it's certainly making up for it , every where I look another group of seedling ... my kind of plant.

Abutilon'furious yellow' just keeps blooming away.

A few blooms still in the shade garden , Ammi ,Nicotiana sylvestris and a huge  Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky , which will have to move next year , It's over taken the path.

And lastly Rosie ,  enjoying the end of another fine October day. Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens  for many more October blooms

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oh, fig…

It may not look like six potted figs in the back of my truck, but yes I have adopted  six plus a Passion flower that was stuck in one of the pots.
I was walking the dogs the other week; when I stopped to chat with a neighbor. As I was walking away he called me back and asked me if I would be interested in taking his fig trees, he was clearing out his green house …." yes, yes, yes". I had know idea he had so many , but anyway I took them all.

Nice heavy pots as well . I did repot them all , as they were very root bound . 

Each one with a tin tag , it's name etched  on : Panache , Lattarula, Petite Negri , Condria , Meta's  and Mary Lane.
I already have two fig trees …now we are eight !