Sunday, June 23, 2019

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Some times I wonder....

" Some times I wonder" I think that's a beginning of a song . But , I do some times wonder if I've got too many bloody plants !
Indoor door ,outdoor  plants !  I seem to be endlessly moving from one group to another, and they all have different needs.
Above are my  morning light  needing window ledge Gesneriads  , sitting on gravel trays .  They are all happily blooming this time of year... just remember to give them a drop of water every morning , but not get the leaves wet !

More Gesneriads , but in the sunroom , I've run out of window ledge . These are in a S/W window, so I've got the blind down ,  They don't want direct late afternoon sun . And the one on the bottom , really is sensitive to too much watering , so I just give it a drop every now and again. 
These ones are lucky to have a humidity tray .

Then I move on to the Terrariums , which are a new obsession. They are actually easy once set up and the right plants in place.  So far, no trouble at all ...
I find that I need to wipe condensation from inside every morning. Many of the plants dislike wet leaves .

The make  shift Vivarium , to house the moisture loving Orchids , I've been tweeking it when I take the Orchids out to water them . So far , so good !

They even have an fan to circulate the air around 

More plants !

Japanese  Neo finfinatia falcata Orchids ! I like to grow them the traditional Japanese way wrapped in Sphagnum moss, This needs to be redone very year . the roots grow so long , that they poke out the bottom of the moss .  I water them when the moss feels crispy dry . And in the winter not at all .

More Orchids !

Then there is the Bonsai . Which is just ...