Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More October blooms

Emilia javanica 

More late blooms ,  before they are all finished , this time the front garden . 

Penstemon 'Enor'

Iris 'waxen beauty'
  I've been helping out at  ' Aikens Iris garden in Vancouver all summer. At this time of year they have a cull of the Iris that are to be dropped from the catalog . Terry the owner was sad about loosing one of his own hybrids  'Waxen beauty ' , so one of them came home with me ! It's a re-bloomer  . I think It's growing on me .

Cosmos Lemonade

Cosmos Rubenza

Salvis Gregii


Rosa Radway sunrise

Rosemary arp

Choisya and friend

Cosmos summer dreams

Rosa Surrey

Nicotiana langdorfii

 Red Salvia 

And this one !

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  1. Nice blooms, I really love the emilia. Very pretty and such vibrant color.