Monday, August 26, 2019

August in the garden

Normally it's July that I get fed up with how dry and crispy everything gets . I start hacking every thing down, hoping that  they have enough time to come back before the frost kills them off again.

This year I decided after fourteen years of adding , adding  and adding plants to fill every available inch of the garden . It was time to smooth out a few areas.

I started here around the Eucalyptus tree . I've left a few things in for now ! I'll have another cull  after the summer.

Found a few things hiding !

I was encouraged  by that  !  So  I went on to remove most of my planting from under the Plum tree. It only ever looks nice in early spring. Then it's just dry and sad which is when I want to cut every thing back.
I dug up most of the shade plants and potted them up .  It was always to dry under the Plum and they get blasted with late sun . 

I've dumped lots of  pea gravel down .

Much happier and no watering !


  1. What eucalyptus do you have and what is your experience with it (size, hardiness, growth rate)?

    1. I 've had E. Camphora for years . It dies back in really cold winters. Some times leaves drop if its cold . but it grows quickly back in a season ! mine must be twenty feet tall

  2. No watering!!!! It sounds like heaven! I am watering every day - one day in the back yard, the next day in the front. It doesn't seem to help though. Everything is wilting and dropping leaves.
    The work you did looks wonderful.

  3. Your garden is looking great, Linda! I love the gravel. It feels good to clean things up to me, I really enjoy the process.