Monday, April 22, 2019


I was thinking how well and how many Primulas I have this year . They are probably my favorite  flower.  This P. sunset shade is one of the oldest in the garden .

Prumula 'Gold Laced '  one of my favorite . Once it's finished blooming I'll dig it up and divide it. 

Primula veris 'gilded spice ...'  hiding . This is listed as a  Barnhaven primrose . barnhaven primroses  started  breeding  primulas in  Oregon in the 1930's . They are now based in France !

Couldn't ID this one 

Primula kisuana 'alba'  I bought this last year from the Rock Garden Society . I like the fuzzy  Gerainum  like leaves. 

Primula x vulgaris 'Guinevere'

Primula 'Wanda'

Primula x pruhuniciana 'springtime' growing in my Bonsai dish .
Looking through my plant tags , I see I'm missing :
Primula 'white echo'
Primula x pubescens lavender'
Primula aurucula 'Fred booley'
Primula auricle 'blue velvet'
Primula x vulgaris 'hole in the hole yellow'
Primula vulgaris 'Francesca'

I'm going to have to have another look around.


  1. I've also lost a good number of Primulas, mostly the drumstick types, over the last few years, I don't know why. My 'Sunset Shades' has self-sown prolifically, however, which is fine with me. But I really need to give the bed they're in a good topping up with compost and maybe dig a few and put them in better spots. They've even sown themselves into gravel outside the bed.

  2. I found more ! Hidden under all the new growth. Mine get all the decayed leaves that drop off the surrounding trees.

  3. Primulas are such a sign of spring, aren't they? I can give you a new start of Francesca, if you like. Mine was a gift and has gotten big enough to divide. :)

    1. Yes please ! I would love a start , when I was looking up the plant tags to ID my Primulas I was sad that one had vanished .