Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bringing Spring on... indoors

It's way too wet and cold to do much out doors this week, such a wimp I am !  But, I did find this tiny blooming  Primula 'Guinevere'  to bring in for a bit of spring .

And my seedling are coming on . I couldn't be accused of over crowding . I only planted a very few seeds .  I've got  three Cosmos 'Runenza'  going . Cosmos bloom so late in the summer here, that I  can make a few more sowings later on.

One sturdy looking Echinacea paradox 'yellow cone flower' . I think I'll be sowing more of these  .

A little group of Helenium hoopesii needing to be potted up.

Scabiosa atropurpurea  

A very cute Geranium pretense 'Splish splash' which I started late last summer. It died back in the winter , but  came back  when I put under my new light set up.

My new 2 ft  florescent tube lights , which is why I'm only sowing a few things at a time. It seems to be doing the trick, except that one of the tubes needs lots of jiggling about every morning to get it  on.
My other set is LED ,(yes there is another shelf above this one)  which requirers no jiggling about , so I think this annoying florescent light will be replaced shortly.