Monday, February 26, 2018

February in the garden

Finally the snow has all melted . I didn't even  take any photos this time round . My camera  battery needed charging.  Today the sun came out and it was not freezing cold.  

The stick still holding up the Decaisnea.

I managed to get quite a lot of the garden cleared up before the snow arrived . Even the gravel paths got raked  back into place.

I raked threw the Feather grasses , I wonder how many new ones I'll have this year ?

I 've been looking forward to moving the Albizia . And here we have it , in it's new spot , with much more space to fill out.

T. humilis violacea  

Tiny Chrysanthus orange mararch are still blooming away.

 C. biflorous spring beauty has become a nice sized clump . These were planted in 2013 .

Tommasinianus taking in the sun today!

Tommasiniana enjoying


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    1. Philip, I got the A. 'summer chocolate' from 'Yard and garden' , maybe four years ago. I hope it's OK after being moved just before the snow storm