Friday, August 9, 2013

Return to the last frontier...

I did several posts ( on my defunct Posterous blog , which is now a wordpress blog )  a few years ago on my "Last Frontier". The large front corner of my garden that I spent two summers wielding a pickaxe to remove the years of Vinca Major . I could'nt find any earlier pictures with Vinca . This pic must be two years ago, in  spring. With very patchy planting!
This was taken as I was finishing the gravel path. It's become my favorite area in the garden , so far with just the yellow /white blooms , maybe a pink sneaking in here and there.

Last week, with a few cooler days I got all the gravel scooped up and carried onto the path way.With more circle stepping stones. 
With a few more plants and time for things to fill out...I like it. 


  1. You've conquered the last frontier! Looks beautiful!

  2. I liked it before, but the pathway is a wonderful touch.

  3. I like it even if I don't see any pink flowers. :) Aren't you loving the cooler weather?