Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Not really the time to be moving plants , with HEAT and three months of dry , dry , dry. But I have been , sometimes Things just can't wait. This patch of planting along the front . I've been working on for years, still can't seem to get it right. A few weeks ago I pulled out the floppy Iris, cut A. Valerie Finnis and Nepeta 'Souvenir de Andre Chandon' down to the ground, such a tangled mass., both can be thugs, hoping to get a nice bit of fresh growth. Sorry Valerie and Andre you may be moving. I put in a small clump of Miscanthus 'Autumn light'...no flopping ! Amosonia and two new Helenium Mariachi fuego's with is a shorter one. We'll see ....


  1. I resist moving/planting all summer...but my resolve always seems to crumble well before the rains really return...dooming me to a never-ending schedule of watering. Love the Amsonia...I think you'll like it...especially the fall color!

  2. This is looking so yummy. I love that helenium, especially next to that sedge.

  3. Your urge to dig seems to be paying off in spades.