Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The natives and the undesirables...

I've avoided this all summer … too hot ; but this morning it was time to tame the natives : the native that is , Snowberry. The undesirables being : bramble, nightshade, suckering Lilac, Vinca, Ivy, bindweed and what ever else was in the way.

My new Felco pruners , worth every penny.

The star of the show : The' Scheppack' mulching meat grinding wonder we brought with us from England. It actually doesn't make a lot of noise , unlike my next door neighbors shredder. It's more of a gentle grinding, chumping sound.

And afterwords I pour all the snowberry and Lilac mulch back from whence it came.


  1. Better start importing Scheppacks. We're all gonna want one.

    1. Ricki, I think you could use one. It's swedish , maybe get Anna's sons to drag on back ;)