Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A rain day...

It's been rather nice this week with a couple of rain days . Not the norm in  PNW July, we usually have to wait till  late October. The dogs have been bored as hell staying in . But I enjoyed spending the morning COOKING pasta sauce and listening to the BBC  PROMS .

This has been  the shady seat  under the Santa Rosa Plum and Cotinus , I believe we're in for more heat in a few days , so I'm embracing the wet.

The umbrella … not to keep the Phlox dry; but  to protect the badly placed Ligularia and Cimicifuga from burning to a crisp.

The garden looks it's best in the wet.

Doesn't my NOID conifer look pathetic , I bought it a few year ago at the Cistus Tough love sale. It's got a sort of Charlie Brown Christmas tree charm. I wonder how big it will get?


  1. The recent rainy days have been refreshing but I'm glad that the sun and warmth will be returning! Your garden looks fabulous!

  2. We know we are true PNWers when we celebrate the rain. It sure does bring a sparkle to the garden.

    1. Ricki, Especially in July ,but I'm ready for sun now. That is one of your sweet peas by the way .

  3. Your garden looks so wonderful, you'd never guess you had the losses you did this winter. And I love your Charlie Brown conifer!