Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July Bloom day ...

I thought I'd let the bees lead the way though this July Bloom day; and there are many bees , which makes the garden a success for me. Here is the late flowering Allium sphaerocephalon , probably the first Alliums I planted in the garden . They seem to turn up in places I know I never planted them . Here they've landed in front of a visiter from... somewhere    Lychnis coronaria .
Salivia Turkestanica  a great self seeding biannual 

Newly planted from seed this year Achillea ptarmica'The Pearl' , going over well with the bees.

A great favorite Eryngium 'Mrs wilmots ghost' 

You can't see them; but sedum, a bee heaven.

Echinacea purpurea and 'Mrs Wilmot'  

Inula orientalis

Naughty Nigella…another visiter from afar really taking advantage of my casual editing style.  Here with Euphorbia Oblongata which I sowed this spring. I didn't expect to bloom this year ; but here it is.

Another great treat for those bees... Echinops 

No bees in this photo; but I love this area :Verbena , Heleniums , Miss Wilmot and the getting  bigger and ready to bloom Saccharum ravennae . So, these are some of the bees and my favorite bloom this month: and for more beautiful blooms visit Carol at  May Dreams Gardens 


  1. Those are some bees with good taste.

  2. Saw that Achillea ptarmica in real life this weekend. What a wonderful plant! Feeling just a tad bit envious... Love all your bees, and that shot with the sedums interspersed with grasses is absolutely wonderful! Btw - we missed you at the Fling this past weekend.

    1. Anna, I missed out ! I'll just enjoy all the posts . What about we swap a Teasel for 'The pearl '

  3. Interesting to see your Salvia turkestana but particularly for the foliage. I have a mystery plant with similar leaves that came from a plant exchange...did you perchance bring young ones last fall or this spring? Missing Miss Wilmott's Ghost this year after last year's first one...next year, for sure, with all the seedlings I see!

    1. Jane, I saw that photo you posted , it did look like my Turkestanica . I might have brought some last fall . You'll know when it blooms , great one for self seeding ! This one is later blooming , the others are finished; and I should pull some up , as they have toppled over and are lying on the ground.

    2. I'll let you know definitively, if it gets a stem and blooms. Right now it's just a flat "rosette".

  4. Well hello to another passionate gardener,

    What a beautiful bevy of blossoms you're sharing via May Dreams Garden. That top image is just so engaging with the bee and allium against a sea of impressionistic campion. And I think that's the very same bee on the echinops. What do you think?

    I'd be honored if you visited my blog to see my first GBBD post, only five years in the making, with a truly unique backstory,