Monday, August 4, 2014

The wait is over...

Every morning , from the end of June when the flower buds of the Aneomonpis macrophylla appear I am out expecting to find one burst into bloom ,  this doesn't happen till the end of July. The blooms are so  delicate  that they look like they should be spring bloomers. Which would be easier here in the PNW. These are Japanese woodlanders that demand cool, moist , shade in rich soil. ; everything goes against it in these parts. With temperatures reaching the 90's most days. I've had been showering it like  a mini monsoon . Last year it was very dissatisfied with my attempts and many of the blooms never did bloom.

But this winter I dumped a whole load of leaf mould over it.
The twice daily showers have kept it happy , so Ive got blooms ; and  seeds to collect !


  1. Looks like a close relative of Anemone 'Honorine de Jobert', which does very well here with no coddling at all. I realize, though, that the challenge is half the fun, and it really is lovely with its nodding habit and shy blush.

    1. Ricki, One thing it's got over the Japanese Anemone …it doesn't aim to take over the garden !