Monday, August 11, 2014

August in the garden...

After the coldest winter , we have probably the hottest summer in years in the PNW. The whole of July was ether  moving sprinklers  or dragging watering cans around; and it looks like the beginning of August is more of the same if today is anything to go by.

The bamboo wigwam  marks the spot of the fallen Acacia. After a quick plant switching from shade to sun lovers  . I''m quite happy with the results. The Saccharum ravennae doesn't look that tall in this photo , but it must be a least 8 ft. and hasn't even bloomed yet, I hope it does !

Artemisia 'Valerie Finnis' has flopped again ; but it doesn't matter because I moved  her near the pavement, so she can't disturb anyone too much. Now... Nepeta 'Sourenir d'audre Chaudron' , not shown in the photo; because I've  had to cut it right down, it flopped in the June rains. It leaves a huge gap in the planting till it grows back and re blooms …which it's doing now. I think I'll move next year, it's a bit of a thug.

THe Guara I've enjoyed all summer, I planted three , this one has out preformed the other two , which  are in the shade of the Plum tree . All three will be moving to my front  garden  next year ...full sun for all .

This is the Acacia under planting that I didn't get around to doing much with. The Carex  and  I don't how many other grasses, some planted , some self seeded !

Carex 'blue zinger'  and A. Valerie Finnis' along the pavement.  

More grasses, self seeded Ammi Magus, I've added Bronze Fennel .  A new Kniphofia' salranvogel',   A few Heleniums, Achillea' Walter Funkcke' an orange Achillea that I searched high and low for last year, found it at my local  this year .    I know there are plenty more things lost in fray that I've missed … oh yes , the Asters to look forward to ! 


  1. This summer has been a nice toasty one. Your garden looks beautiful as always!

  2. All that hose hauling is really paying off. Your garden looks fab!