Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The self seeding Aquilegia...

For years I have been pulling  out these  pale Mauve Aquilgea selfseeders . They never plant themselves in the right spots.

But this year I've left them ,  They seem to have got the message ; and made a neat  little colony surrounding the Honesty and Forester grass , which is looking so fresh this time of year.

With a few tall spikes of Verbascum , this won't last long.

This one has nestled next to the  Syneilesis , which I like …

And here decorating the gate. `Yes, I'm enjoying these pale little Aquilegia this year.


  1. beautiful, Linda! I wish mine reseeded in such a nice color...all mine have sort of inter-bred into a mix of yellows and peaches...not bad, but yours would work with so many more colors than mine do!

    1. Scott, To think I was planning to pull them out again. The planting has changed a lot here , they fit in nicely now.

  2. So pretty. As always, your garden is looking fab!

  3. You got some nice surprises by allowing them to make their own decisions, especially nestled in with the Soloman's Seal in the background.

  4. These are all self-seeders? Amazing! I absolutely love them. The color is so romantic and soft and lovely. I love the juxtaposition of foliage form with the Syneilesis. This just proves that Mother Nature knows what she's doing.