Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For the best...

When I planted Callistemon "Sieberi'  twelve  inchs  away from Juniperus 'daubs frosted' (which can speed out to six feet) I knew that it was stupid and I've never even liked the two textures together.  So after far too many years ,  I dug Sieberi up and she's now residing at the front of the house , which is south/east facing,  still warm , but a little more protected. She's looking a little winter tattered.

 The Daubs' can stretch out more comfortably now ; and I will look out for a new companion.

 Sieberi in her new home, which badly needed more occupants .


  1. Editing can be challenging, but you seem to have the knack.

  2. When I took the Master Gardener course back in 2002, the Horticulture extension agent would say, "Plants are like furniture. They're meant to be moved." This has always stuck with me. I mean, if a "professional" is moving plants around then why can't the rest of us? It's all part of the process and it's so much fun!

  3. Ricki, Grace, I really wanted to move the ' Daubs' ; but it is so low growing and prickly awkward I moved poor 'Sieberi' .