Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Tulip , buds, old friends and more seeds...

My garden seems always to be slightly behind everyone , as far as blooming goes : but not so with this very early Tulip 'Duc Van Tol Rose' from This one from 1700 , is as dainty as a species and so fragrant I didn't need to get down on my hands and knees to get a whiff It only has a very slight blush of pink now ; but that should get pinker  every day  

Robinia 'Twisty baby' with buds beginning to open, this will be it's second year in the garden.

An old friend returns again , it's eighth year in the garden . Saxifraga furtunei' Silver velvet' still my sentimental favorite . You have been moved over and over again. Still you return ; but never have you grown any bigger.  

I saw Carol Klein on " Gardeners World' last night collecting  Cyclamen coum  seeds and  planting them in pots of compost with just a sprinkling of  Vermiculite ; so off I went this morning: and sure enough I found seed everywhere. At least I hope they are Cyclamen seeds. 

Cyclemen coam seeds and a new sowing of Lychnis coronaria ' occulata'  which is an unusual white with soft pink eye. 

More seedlings…dozens of Achillea 'The pearl' . This will be a very fiddly repotting job . 


  1. Tulips and new growth and seedlings - Hooray! It's spring!

  2. You are inspiring me to get moving with sowing seeds!