Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The view from the back door. It's about as far as I've ventured this week, with it being mostly wet, windy, cold and grey. I did get out and plant all my bulbs one morning , that was a huge relief . 

We have had indoor projects ; like buying sale Pendleton fabric to recover the doggie's bed . Micky and Rosie were helping to settle in the cushion. While I tried to work on stitching the corners.

It took most of the day , so I didn't have the energy for my Bloom post this month . I think they like the lovely thick wool .  

While I was shopping in Portland  I found these huge Oak leaves on the ground , they were much admired as I carried them around.
And I found an old frame to put them in when I got home .


  1. R gave me a personal Pendleton blanket like that last Christmas. All I have to do is curl up under it and Sami is right there, stretched out full length on my lap. You treat your kids very well.