Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A few things in the November garden...

I took this photo late in the day when the crazy light turned everything into a  coral  colored aquatic landscape. I thought my Opunto was  suffering with some sort of cold / wet weather stress . 

More of the crazy coral light photos , it didn't last long . Shortly after it was dark out.

Clematis'Helios' my most luxuriant seed heads .

 Myrteole nummularifolia  with pink pearl sized berries , apparantly edible; and the leaves  can be used for tea. I haven't tried yet . … the plant is very  small  still and very slow growing. 

I've enjoyed this self seeded pot of Euphorbia 'emerald leaf' all summer . It's smothered  the evergreen shrub under all that foliage , but with the first frost it will be no more.