Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nearly gone….

After the nine or so inches of snow last end . I'm surprised how fast it seems to be disappearing. Except for some of the North facing cold pockets in the garden. 

And what has been happening under that covering, the Rhubarb has sprung up. I wonder if I should  cover  it with a pot , or is it too late ?

My newly planted Stinking hellebore is just about to bloom, no smell yet.

Primulas looking awfully sweet framed in snow.

On the ugly side 

Robinia" twisty baby' which was only planted last summer seems to have made it so far. Tough 'twisty ' can take it to -40 F

The Euphorbias seem to have taken a beating , looking very  bruised.  Purple marked   Euphorbia rigid and Hedgehog grass 


  1. I've been surprised at what doesn't seem damaged in my garden from the wintery abuse. Plants are pretty amazing, sometimes!

  2. My rhubarb is poking up too. It seemed totally unfazed by the snow. Is it time to fertilize it already?