Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day two …freezing again

Yes, it is a freeze , not as bad as I thought , 20 F this morning , which is much better than 12F as predicted. I managed to throw some packing material over Pittoporum tenuifolium 'purpureum' which barely survived the big freeze of a few years ago.That's it in the background near the shed. 

Undercover two Citrus tress which I didn't cover last freeze ….

Last frost I gave Schfflera taiwaniana 'yuan shan'  a covering around the base , this time I didn't ….

Fatsia japonica looking a bit stressed 

Osmanihus armatus' jim porter' sitting along side the Fatsia, looks completely at home sitting in freezing rock hard soil …good winter plant choice 

And these two all bundled up ready for a freezing ball chase.


  1. So smart to get some protection over your plants! How's the wind at your place? I'm concerned about the threat of freezing rain on Saturday.

    1. Laura, My covers are blowing off! And the ones near the window are blowing around so much that the dogs are barking !

  2. Oh, and your two pups look adorable in their coats!