Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Chop...

After planting the Paulowia Tomentosa three years ago as a mere twig. I've enjoyed watching it get taller and taller and now very much a proper tree, but  it was always destinded for the big chop. Which it got the other day, I couldn't see a fifty foot tree fitting into my landscape. The deed done I'm looking forward to even more dramatic leaves this year. Now it's on to the Eucalyptus...


  1. You are so brave...I have a Willow I should do this to...but I'm afraid (even though I don't really like that Willow much)!

  2. Who knew you were a lumberjack in disguise?

  3. Ricki, It's my Japanese mothers influence , she hacked down most of my shrubs and trees when we first moved in.

  4. Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing the results this summer.

    1. So am I , I've been pressing my nose up close everyday signs of growth yet.