Friday, February 15, 2013

February Bloom day 2013...

 I may only  have a few blooms this February Bloomday , but I'm happily posting this in the sun .

And for much more in the way of February blooms May Dreams Gardens


  1. You can thank my primroses for attracting all the slugs, leaving yours...well...prim.

  2. Oh yes! And your little pups look equally enamored with that strange thing in the sky. I love your blog banner photo. It makes my mouth water. I think I'm going to cut my Tetrapanax back. It's too tall and I can't enjoy the leaves. Yours is amazing juxtaposed with neighboring foliage textures. Can you believe it's almost spring? Yippee!!

  3. So sorry, Linda, but Jane just informed me that the plant you wanted is on the invasive species list. There's a link on my post now to Kim Pokorny's article about it. I'll try to think of something else you might like.