Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Orchid drama and a make shift Vivarium

I brought this tiny mounted Orchid Lepanthes calodictyon home from the Portland Orchid Society sale a few weeks ago . I'd ordered online from Ecuagenera - Orchids of Ecuador
and was able to pick it up at the sale.
Lepanthes  was never going to be an easy Orchid for me to keep happy . Trying to convince it was still in the cloud forest of Ecuador . But  I HAD to have it .
I tried it in one of my small terrariums ,  the leaves started to BLACKEN , Maybe to WET ?
Then I had it in my sunroom . .. CRISPY  LEAVES... not enough humidity or bad water ?

 Lepanthes needs are : Warmth, High Humidity, brist air circulation and medium light .


I had planned on putting together a Vivarium , but I haven't found  one yet .
So make shift vivarium  it had to be .... I found some clear plastic panels and attached them  all around a section of a shelving unit'.
It was all  cobbled together rather quickly . But, it seems to be doing the job.
I stuffed all my high humidity lovers in side.

Not very attractive , but  the front is just a plastic sheet with flappy bits  for better .. AIR CIRCULATION . 

And the humidity is heading towards 80 %  which is just what the Lepanthes love.

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  1. Oh my, you are totally getting the bug... LOL! I should introduce you to my friend Hollye - she is right there with you. She is constantly making terrariums, etc.