Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tiny trees...

My Robinia 'tristy baby' has made a baby! And since I had an extra Goodwill pot  to fill…another 'Keshiki Bonsai' 

I found this little Albizza ...I think anyway.  I t was ether  you go in the compost  bin or in a  little pot.
The China rose I grew from seed last year is making a few blooms . With the weather being milder this year and  watering twice a day I've managed to keep the moss green .


  1. I read your post and thought "a woman after my own heart". I also have a collection of Goodwill pots (some of my very best ones come from there)and have bonsaied little trees I found. I have an apple tree, an ash tree and a chestnut tree. I was excited to see this year that the chestnut has started to produce small size leaves.