Monday, August 15, 2016

Garden Blooger's Bloom Day for August….

It's the Bronze Fennel  and the Guara that reigns supreme in the Garden this time of year.  With a  little help from  Nicotiana sylvestris , which has just now coming into bloom.

After just reading 'A Flower a day' by Margery Fish ,  I see what she means about the" rampant Golden rod ".  But then again they are easy to pull out. I haven't pulled many, as you can see. 

The heleniums have become a stalwart in my dry garden, along with the Pentstemons

Every year this Fuchsia 'whiteknights amethyst'  collapses all over the gravel path...but not this year  . I made a little rebar support …nice clear path , with  the Fuchsia standing proud. 

More Guara , with Agastache this time.

Panicum 'cheynne sky' , Sedum' autumn sky' , Queen annes lace , Teucrium hircanicum 'paradise delight' , Verbena bonariensis and Echinacea pallid in the very  dry and wind swept front garden.

One of  annuals or tender perennial  I grew from seed. Blooming at not four 'o'clock , but more like six here in the PNW.
This is Mirabilis longiflora 'fairy trumpets' . I'm thinking, I might have to dig this up and over winter it indoors.! 
And for many more August blooms visit: Carol May Dreams Gardens


  1. They look like wildflowers but they are beautiful. What i appreciate with temperate weeds too are their big flower sizes, and also colorful.

    1. Andrea, The Goldenrod just showed up in the garden one year. And it's made itself perfectly at home here. I might be pulling a few next year !

  2. Your garden is beautiful, Linda! Your photo of the Goldenrod made me want to plant some. Oh to have more room...!