Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A few July blooms...

Since I was a slacker and didn't do a Bloom day post this month. I thought I'd post a few of the annuals I grew from seed this year. Although I only grew the tiny Tassel flower at the top . I don't often like my container arrangements, but this one I do …Blood grass , which seems to stay in the pot, it hates my garden , too dry !  With Punica granatum 'nana and my Tassel flower.

I been saving and growing the German catchfly 'patio mix' every year , ever since I got a free packet of seeds with an order.

Only a mild whiff of fragrance from  this Phlox 'Isbellina' ,  I like the creamy coloring.

Another one I grew every year , Night phlox, just as the flowers are closing for the day.

A new one: Zinnia 'red spider'  with a lone 'Bell of Ireland ' bloom 

Browallia 'Blue lady' one of the nightshade family.

The first of the Maltese cross 'dawn sky'. blooms . I went for the Apricot rather than the red flowers .

Centaurea americana
Centaura as the basket , just before blooming

Phlox 'moody blues' …I think , maybe an odd one in the "isabellina'  seed packet.

And lastly these two , patiently waiting for me to be finished.


  1. Love the form of that night phlox....everything looking fab!

  2. Everything is so petite and sweet! Love 'em all.