Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Late June in the garden...

Thanks to the lovely rain showers last week, the spindly annuals I  grew from seed and plopped into the ground , are looking promising .  Despite once again mixing up all the labels. I've just bunged them  in to any bare patch. So, I could be seeing : Zinna 'red spider', Maltese cross 'dawn sky', Centaurea americana, Four O'clock 'Fairy trumpets and Browallia 'Blue lady' …

 There have been few changes to the back planting.  I've swapped Panicum grass for the  taller Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster' . Most of the Bronze fennel I grew from seed have gone, replaced with various other things I had around . 

All my adopted Figs have survived being repotted last summer, all six of them  , plus the two I already had,  are  rewarding me with figs, figs, figs !

And lastly one of my favorite plant combinations this month.


  1. Your seedy ways are paying off. Our one fig last year had me all excited. This year...again, one fig. Guess we won't be calling in the gleaners any time soon.

    1. Ricki, I think it takes quite a few years for figs to produce the goods :(