Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Those seeds ... again

After swearing off any seed sowing other than directly in the ground...I've been slowly ... sowing in containers ! I got so fed up with all the trays sitting arround for weeks in previous years . But then I lost my resolve , when I saw how tiny and how few seeds were in some of the packets. So , I've gone out bought seedling mix and even Vermiculite !

And what seeds have I sown: Erygium Leavenworhii, Lysimachia Atropurpurea , Nigella "African Bride' , Salpiglossis 'Kew blue' , Dianthus 'Rainbow loveliness', Zaluzianska capensis ' Midnight candy', Nicotiana 'Crimson bedder', Calendula 'Neon' , Amaranth 'Chinese giant orange' ...phew !


  1. I never quite do it up right, but always succumb to starting a few trays. One of these years I intend to go all in. Wonderful shots of your garden...can't wait to see it in real life.

    1. Ricki, One of these days I'll have so many self seeders, I have to stop.

  2. I've only started seeds out of the ground once. It makes me so happy to see your set up. Your garden looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing it and meeting your dogs. :)