Friday, December 18, 2020

Gardening in the winter

This time of year I pull out books by my favorite garden writers .  Usually  I read a chapter  before I go off to sleep at night.  I've started re reading ' My Garden in Autumn and winter ' by E.A. Bowles  and ' An all the year garden' by Margery Fish . I skipped straight to the winter chapters . 
Both of these gardeners spent a great deal of time " well wrapped " enjoying , taking stock, and working in the winter garden  . 

" Of course some people  don't want to go into the garden in the winter"  that  from Margery Fish  ,   Walter her husband didn't . 

 I can be a bit that way . I usually leave things till  there is a nice sunny clear day in March . I don't get on with  a" wrapping up" and I hate the damp, cold and grey. 

But, inspired by these two gardeners of the past , I  have  been pushing myself to get out " wrap up" and get out there.
So I've  started  pulling, snipping and raking . Gathering armloads of dead stuffing and filling all my big buckets ... it's  not so bad after all , but it was dry today.



  1. I have to force myself and I hate working in cold and wet conditions. It is a good time though to get hardscape projects done. I've wanted to read the Bowles book. I need to do that!

  2. If it's raining forget it, just being cold is hard enough!

  3. Being cold is hard - yes - (and rain kinda sucks) but if I'm moving around, hauling gravel or whatever it's perfect. I love the fresh air and the feeling of coming inside after being out in the cold for a while. I'm nuts.