Friday, May 15, 2020

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Another bloom day post from Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden .  It is Iris season after all , and last month I only had the miniatures to show.

Once again I haven't taken note of the names . And they are in no kind of order. I just snapped away this morning .

Here is Terry ..six feet away . And his beautiful home . He was an architect before starting his Iris and Orchid  farm.

Happy Bloom Day


  1. Wow ! what an incredible collection of varieties of Irises .Lovely pictures specially loved the last variety in your post.Happy blooms day.

  2. OK, I think you like to grow grow iris. Some unique and lovely forms and colors there. Have you ever tried cross-breeding them to see what comes up?

  3. Nice post and thanks for sharing with us..