Thursday, September 13, 2018

September in the garden...

Or not in the garden. I've not spent much time out this month. How dare it rain in September ...this is the PNW . It starts to rain in mid October ! But the plants are enjoying it , and I'm not dragging hoses and watering cans around.

Come August I give up on trying to get through all this . I did tidy up the path a few weeks ago , so I can just get through, but not when it's dripping wet.

Mickey is  not amused by the fringe of self-seeded black fennel . Must dig those out !

Hamamelis 'Diane' ...I often wonder if it's stress that turns her red so early . It's a very dry and windy spot.
Hammamelis 'Jelena' in a slightly better position is just starting to change color .  When they get big enough I'll have to rethink some of my planting maybe  just keep the lower things  and move the taller plants.


  1. I love working in the garden in the cool, damp weather. I don't mind a spot of rain, right now usually it's just a passing shower, so I duck quickly into the greenhouse and wait till it passes, then pop back out and get on with whatever I'm doing.

  2. I already miss the clear, warm days but am grateful not to be dragging hoses all over the place. Despite Micky's lack of enthusiasm for the self-seeded black fennel, it makes a pretty skirt for your bed.

    1. I'm going to be busy digging those things out before they get too BIG !

  3. Your late summer garden is bountiful, Linda! I envy you that rain - we haven't had any since late March and it's looking like there won't be anything significant here until at least December.