Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Blooms...

Anemonopsis macrophylla  has been surviving in my not quite shady or cool enough  side garden for years . I've got it tucked way back under the big old Rhododendron  and I water, water ,water .

 Daucus carota ( I think ),which imitates Ammi Majus ,so I won't pull it out too soon and  seeds around QUITE  a bit these days .

Albizia major 'summer chocolate'  seems to have recovered after being moved earlier this year.

I still don't know what these white daisies that are appearing all along the edges of my paths are .

My only Eucomis that is happy .

Crocosmia 'solfaterre'

Kniphofia 'Percy's pride'

Sedum 'Postman's pride' ...maybe with Rudbeckia

Echinops 'Arctic glow'

My late summer visiter Nicotiana 'sylvestris'

And Zinnias from a packet of Cactus-flowered mix seeds that  came from 'Select Seeds , in fact most of my seeds  come from them.

I must include my indoor blooms ! Here is Streptocarpus 'Bristel's dust bunny'
Streptocarpus 'Bristel's Kick Start

Episcia 'Costa Rica pink'

Episicia 'Pixie dust'

And finally a sweet mini African violet .
I'm exhausted ! So  if you 're looking for even more August blooms visit Carol here.


  1. Your photography is just beautiful and you have so much to photograph this August. The Nicotiana is the star of the show. Would enjoy growing a few in my own garden (note to self!).

  2. Your Nicotiana 'sylvestris' looks like a giant among the other flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous blooms beautifully photographed! Happy GBBD!

  4. I enjoyed seeing your many blooms. Thanks for letting me take a tour.


  5. You have some beautiful blooms! I love Select Seeds too, they have a great selection.